Firms and professional clients

  1. Bookings can be canceled one day prior to the reservation date and will be charged with the amount represented under organisation on the order form (even if it’s not signed)

    If you booked a barbecue with our catering service (minimum 2 hours) cancelation is free of charge 7 days prior to your reservation, less than 7 days we will charge 50% of the total amount

  2. You can change the number of attendees (minimum fee of 320 euros for climbing (without other services) outside the normal opening hours) one day prior to your reservation

    The day of your appointment you have to pay at least the fee for the participants you announced the day before or the number on your order form (or more, if you are more)

  3. If you are considerably late we charge 15 euros for every ½ hour and every instructor (in the afternoon during the week travel time from Luxembourg-town to Dudelange takes often at least 1 hour)

    Changing the appointment of the barbecue without notifying Parc Le’h Adventures or the catering service will resolve in additionnal fees of 15 euros per ½ hour

  4. Every additional service from Parc Le’h Adventures (tents, tables…) can be canceled one day prior to the event without any charges

  5. Services not offered by Parc Le’h Adventures apply to the terms and conditions of those services

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