1. Bookings are confirmed and terms accepted by paying your deposit

  2. You can cancel free of charge 1 day prior to your booking date, after this date we keep your deposit

  3. Discounts are not possible outside normal opening hours

  4. Outside normal opening hours a minimum fee of 320,00 € for climbing (without other services)has to be paid. Discounts in this case are not available.

  5. You can decrease the number of participants 1 day prior to your reservation without any fee and always increase

    The day of your appointment you have to pay at least the fee for the participants you announced the day before (or more, if you are more)

  6. Outside normal opening hours, late arrival will resolve in aditionnal fees of 15 euros per ½ hour

  7. Due to the fact that it becomes more and more difficult to manage the waste, we kindly ask that all waste of the products not purchased at the parc must be taken care of by taking it with you or by asking a wasts bag and a recycling bag (10,00 euros)

  8. Every additional service from Parc Le’h Adventures (tents, tables…) can be canceled one day prior to the event without any charges, without cancellation we will charge the whole amount

  9. Services not offered by Parc Le’h Adventures apply to the terms and conditions of those services

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